When developing and building a professional cocktail bar. From barergonomics and bar logistics to a cocktail card that suits the concept of the catering business or bar environment.
Bartender Network advises and assists in creating a professional, efficient and stylish cocktail bar. Because of the experience and knowledge Bartender Network has, you always receive professional advice in which the latest trends and latest ideas have been processed.


The success of every bar lies with the staff. The wide variety of training programs from Bartender Network ensure that bartenders of every level can find a connection.
For example, beginner training sessions deal with the basic principles of cocktail shaking. The greeting and treatment of guests, hygiene, efficiency and effectiveness, history of cocktails, knowledge of drinks and the right way of serving are covered by this basic knowledge.
Every bartender can learn how to prepare cocktails. However, Bartender Network recommends starting with basic knowledge before making cocktails. The basic knowledge is essential for the proper preparation of cocktails. The training programs of Bartender Network are built up in modules designed to teach bartenders to master the many aspects of the profession.
Examples of these modules are:
– Basic bar training
– Expert bartraining
– Basic cocktail training
– Expert cocktail training
– Mixology training
– Coffee training
– Service training
– Role play
– Speed ​​and efficiency
– Refresher course
Small training groups, good quality ingredients, interaction, practical exercises and role play work to our experience most efficiently. Manuals are provided with basic information, recipes and possibly extra information if the bartenders or client need it.


The concept of a bar or restaurant must be reflected in its drink and cocktail menu, according to Bartender Network. The right assortment of drinks and cocktails compliments and emphasizes the concept and the atmosphere of the business. For example, at a stylish hotel bar Sex on the Beach does not belong on the map, but rather a good Martini. At a cozy beach pavilion this may be exactly the other way around.
Bartender Network has the knowledge and experience to design a beverage and cocktail menu that matches the look of your bar, from classic to modern, from simple to extravagant.
Bartender Network can also develop specially designed cocktails for you. So-called ‘signature cocktails’ of which you only have the recipe and, for example, carry the name of your business or have the color of your company logo.


Bartender Network strives to ensure that every catering entrepreneur or bar owner becomes aware of the fact that the success of a business depends to a large extent on the bartender behind the bar. It is very important that the bartender has a functionally designed bar and that the space is correctly arranged so that the bartender can work efficiently, quickly and pleasantly. This pleasure is almost always recognized by the guests.

Our bar consultants have years of experience with them when it comes to functionality and efficiency with which they can support every bar owner in the developments of the ultimate bar. We maintain close relationships with various national and international bars and suppliers of bar equipment ensuring the highest quality.


After a training, participants receive a manual of the training. From experience we know that many trainees find it easy to have a reference work to be able to look back on things.
The manuals are provided by Bartender Network with clear information, tailored to the training session followed. It is also possible to have a general barmanual developed for future bartenders.


During and after the opening of a new bar or after training sessions, Bartender Network is always at your service to support, advise and evaluate your bartenders on location.
The turnover in the catering industry can be high, so we can adjust or train extra where necessary.
Continuity in quality is the key to the success of your bar. It is therefore very important to regularly evaluate and keep a finger on the pulse.


Bartender Network has a close working relationship with Royal Leerdam and mainly Libbey glassware. This results in beautiful cocktails in elegant, high quality glassware.
The right glassware is not only important for how you experience the taste and smell of a cocktail, beautiful glassware compliments your cocktail.
Bartender Network likes to advise your company in collaboration with Libbey about glassware and explain its importance to your bar and your guests.